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Easi-Wentworth grass

As the name indicates this is one of our speciality artificial grasses, easi-Wentworth has been specifically designed to give you a smooth texture and feel, which ends up providing a beautiful putting green.

If you are a budding golf pro or just want to improve your putting game, this artificial grass is the ideal choice.  You could choose to just have a small corner of your artificial turf fitted out with the easi-Wentworth or you could push your luck and get a full size putting green!

Not only does this grass have an extraordinarily low texturised finish, it is also really easy to maintain. This means that you will be the envy of all your friends and family as you are the one with a putting green in your back garden, looks like the garden parties are happening at your house this year!

To top this off, along with the professional holes we will install (not necessary but who wouldn’t want them with grass like this) our highly skilled team of installers can create a technically stimulating golf green by including some rises and falls in the landscape if you wish.

All you need then is the flag and you are ready to enjoy your garden, even more, this summer, the easi-Wentworth grass is a fantastic choice. Contact us today to start improving your game right now. Give us a call on 01604 315100 / 07568 084489.

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