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Easi-Knightsbridge Grass

Easi-Kinghtsbridge is our old faithful product, it has been around for the longest amount of time but is still here going strong. It has been in our range for over 8 years now and it isn’t going anywhere, of all our products this is our most tried and tested grass and it is one of our best sellers.

Over the years we have taken in our customer's feedback and made some improvements to our Easi-Kinghtsbridge grass due to popular demand. We have worked hard to make this grass as luxurious to the touch and feel as possible, one way we have achieved this is by giving it an increased pile height which really does give it that lovely finish.

The best feature about this grass is that due to the large volumes we sell we are able to offer it to our customers at extremely competitive rates. This does not mean that there have been any compromises what so ever, this product is of the highest quality, you will not find an artificial grass of such a great quality at such a fantastic price. This means that anyone is able to get onto the artificial grass ladder no matter what your budget is.

We assure you that once you have this grass installed in your garden you will be astounded by how realistic this grass looks and how well it holds up over time and the wear & tear that your garden normally goes through.

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