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Easi-Kensington Grass

Easi-Kensington artificial grass is the ideal choice for a family who has children or pets. Due to a recent breakthrough in yarn technology, Easigrass have managed to develop a brand new product that is perfect for gardens with high footfall.

Easi-Kensington has a brand new C-shaped yarn, this new design looks beautiful but at the same time, it means that the grass is able to stand more upright for a longer amount of time. The way the grass is designed also means that it will spring back into shape time after time. While resilient this built-in ‘memory function’ just helps with keeping this grass as low maintenance as possible which means you will have to brush it far less than the average artificial grass.

Easi-Kensington also comes with the standard ‘dead grass infill’ to ensure your garden has an authentic look while also being rugged and keeping its shape while the family is out enjoying the garden. Due to the C-Shape of this grass, it also means that the grass reflects some more of the sunlight so it will store less heat then the average artificial grass, ideal if your garden gets lots of sunlight.

So if you are looking for a stunning look for your garden when you want to relax in the summer while not needing to keep up the high levels of maintenance of regular gardens then this is a great choice. If you have children who aspire to be the next big name in the sporting world then this is the perfect choice to ensure your garden stays looking beautiful while at the same time not having any mud dragged through your house after a lively play session.

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