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Easi-Hyde Park

Here at Oakview Artificial Grass, we like to make sure that we keep all of our customers happy, sometimes that means going above and beyond on a job & sometimes it means creating a new, exciting, sought-after product.

That is exactly what happened here, the creation of the Hyde Park range was due to the fact that customers stated that they loved our products but they wanted a grass that not only looked natural but looked like they had just completed cutting it. This is a great product which creates a fresh looking lawn all year round.

Easi-Grass decided to test out what the public thought of this grass and set up a massive demonstration in the middle of London. They set up the demo using this range and covered half of Regent Street, the reaction was just as they imagined, the public was stunned by how natural & perfectly manicured this grass looked.

As with all of our grasses this has been specially designed to include our dead grass infill which gives the grass a more natural look, this along with the two different colours of grass including in the tufting process creates a completely unique and ultimately beautiful looking grass.

This product is the perfect choice for anyone who considers themselves a perfectionist and is eager to have that amazing, beautiful striped look. Why not give us a call today and we can give you some more information on this fantastic grass.

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