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Easi-Holland Grass

Easi-Holland has lovingly been nicknamed ‘the tough one’. This is due to the fact that this is by far our most durable and toughest grass that we offer. This is the ideal grass if you are planning on using this grass in commercial areas with very high traffic, for example within in nurseries, schools or colleges.

This grass includes our standard ‘dead grass infill’ which means your lawn will look just like a traditional garden (although a lot healthier!) but due to the type of grass used it will easily outlive and outperform any standard domestic grass on offer by anyone else in the sector.

Easi-Holland uses what called ‘D Tex’ yarn, the yarn is wider than your standard yarn which gives it the extra durability that you are after. This along with the beautiful waxy feel provide you with a lawn that is lovely to look and incredibly tough.

This product needs hardly any maintenance to keep in great shape which means you will have a beautiful look area all year round no matter how many people are using it. In comparison to any other domestic grass, this product is by far the artificial grass you should be looking at if you want something that can survive the wear & tear of lots of lively people.

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