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Now here at Oakview Artificial Grass, we shouldn’t choose a favourite between all of our range… but if we had to pick, then this would be our number one! This grass is just beautiful to look at and feels perfect to the touch.

The Belgravia was designed internally by the Easi-Grass team, this included various research by the specialised research team who then worked with the development team to create this wonder grass. We are incredibly proud to be able to provide our customers with this artificial turf.

As anyone who has had any dealings with us in the past will know, all of our grasses are now produced with our dead grass infill included, this gives an added dimension to the grass, making it look and feel even more real. Not only that but the Belgravia is created with multi-root zones which only makes it seem more lifelike, this along with a slightly more vibrant green used to colour the grass gives it a beautiful look.

This grass is extremely hardwearing for extended use but it is also incredibly soft underfoot which makes it perfect for the back garden in the summer. Due to the fact, there is a slightly brighter colouring to this grass also makes it the ideal choice for gardens that might not get as much natural light.

If this sounds right for you then make sure you contact us today, the Belgravia has been out of stock before due to high demand so make sure you don’t lose out!

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