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28 Feb 2019
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Step by Step Guide | How to Install Artificial Grass

The use of artificial grass is fast gaining more popularity than the conventional lawn in so many countries, it is a preferred option when considering maintenance and other factors and a perfect solution to the turnoffs being experienced by homeowners. Form initial purchase, artificial grass is found to be a little bit costly but has a long term benefit which outweighs the shortcomings of lawn ownership. Although it has its pros and cons, it serves to provide a better option than the lawn for the following benefits;


29 Jan 2019

Creative and Effective ways to use Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass sometimes is known as ‘fake grass’ is usually associated with the outdoors, but recently it has been taking a stand with more and more people coming up with creative ways to involve it with their everyday. Artificial grass is normally used for gardens, patios, balconies and poolside’s. There are many benefits to installing artificial grass; its environmentally friendly, no more weeds, no maintenance, green grass for 365 days a year, pet-friendly, children friendly, perfect drainage solution, no more muddy feet and it’s usable all year round.

With the use of artificial grass on the rise, people are becoming more and more creative in the ways in which they use it. We have scoured the internet to find the most interesting, creative and wacky ways in which the world has decided to use ‘fake grass’.


31 Dec 2018
how to clean artificial grass

How to clean artificial grass

There are several benefits that are associated with artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, it doesn’t need fertilisers or any other special care to make it look lush. Throughout the year, it’s healthy and always looks good. Even when summer comes, artificial grass doesn’t need mowing. Another benefit of artificial turf is that it’s very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is carry out regular upkeep practices. Even if there are spills on the artificial turf, cleaning them up is very easy. The simple process by which you can clean your artificial grass is as follows:

  1. Ensure you clean regularly

During regular cleaning, you can carry out several specific tasks on your turf. First, get rid of any debris on the surface using a leaf blower. The debris may include leaves that fall during autumn or branches that fall as a result of a storm. Whatever kind of debris it is, a leaf blower can help you clear the turf quickly. Pick a corner on the yard and have all the debris blown to it. From there you can remove all the collected debris for disposal.

Once all the debris has been removed, it’s time to rinse the artificial grass. In this case, a garden hose comes in handy. The entire turf surface should be rinsed in order to remove smaller particles of debris that the leaf blower wasn’t able to remove. Do this lightly to avoid damaging the grass as a result of too much water pressure.

The third practice that should be done on the turf as regular cleaning is brushing it. When done frequently, brushing keeps the blades of the turf pointing upwards, making them appear more natural. The ideal tool to use here is a soft-bristled brush. Alternatively, you may use a rake or broom.

  1. Remove stains and spills

Any spilt liquids are better blotted with paper towels. However, take care to not rub the liquid into the turf.

Stains, on the other hand, can be cleaned with water and granular detergent solution. Once your solution is ready, use a soft cloth or sponge to rub into the stain to dislodge the stain. A garden hose can be used to rinse the stain once it’s been dislodged.

If your grass has sticky residue, you may use a knife to scrape it off. This could be gum, paint, crayon residue or lipstick. However, be gentle when scraping the substances off your turf ensuring that you don’t cut them. Scraping should be done by following the grass upwards rather than doing it across with the knife.

If there are signs of solid debris on your artificial grass, you can use mineral spirits to remove them. With a soft cloth soaked in a mineral spirit, wipe the soiled grass blades. When using the mineral spirits, care should be taken to ensure the spirits don’t go beneath the turf past the grass as it could seriously damage the artificial turf. You also need to wear gloves to make sure the mineral spirits don’t irritate the bare skin.



31 Oct 2018
man standing on artificial grass

How to look after your artificial grass

Though it isn’t as demanding as the natural grass in terms of care, artificial grass needs some amount of care too. There’s a need to ensure that they’re their best at all times and are able to serve their purpose as fully as it can be. Therefore, if they’re to stay with their beautiful and natural look, there are certain activities that will need to be carried out on them on a regular basis. One activity that will need to be carried often is the removal of organic debris. This debris can be seeds or leaves. Carry out the following on your artificial grass to make them stay in a top condition always:READ MORE

30 Aug 2018
Dog on grass

Is Artificial Grass Suitable for Dogs?

If you’re thinking about installing artificial grass for dogs, you should know that you can receive many different benefits from doing so. In fact, some pet owners have already installed artificial grass for their furry friends, both for their pet’s outdoor and indoor uses. But before you rush to install the artificial grass for your dogs, you should read up on the multiple benefits that you and your dogs will receive.READ MORE

31 Jul 2018
Artificial grass with pirate ship

Artificial Grass Near Me

The easy life without lots of worries about keeping the home garden and the homestead presentable is preferred by everyone. You can’t achieve this easy life if you have to maintain so many things, including your lawn. Why not choose an option for a lawn that doesn’t require watering, application of harmful pesticides and general maintenance? Artificial grass is one type of lawn that will give you this kind of freedom. If you agree, then there’s no doubt you’ll want artificial grass installed on your garden or property efficiently and quickly – and you’re wondering “who is the best one to install artificial grass near me?”

There are many benefits that the synthetic grass is capable of providing to anyone. Here are the top reasons for you to ditch the muddy and maintenance-intensive natural grass for the artificial grass:

1. Saves Water and Requires Minimal Maintenance

During summer, it’s much drier and hotter than any other season of the year. This makes natural grass to start turning yellow and begin having a straw-like appearance. So, to prevent them from getting to this state, they should be watered for them to remain springy and green. The water for doing so is at times not available and is expensive – or simply takes just to much time and effort that you may not have!

Also to make artificial turf stay beautiful, there’s no need for so much maintenance. They won’t require mowing every week. They are just laid in place and forgotten about. When leaves fall on them during the autumn, just sweeping them off is enough. Because of the low need for maintenance, one can make use of their time in doing other tasks.

artificial grass


2. It Stays Green During all Seasons

When winter comes, the natural grass and sod will become dormant, unsightly and brown. It’s even worse for those who live in arid areas as this is always a problem. This is because drought is always tormenting such areas at all times. However, artificial turf is never affected by the change in seasons or climatic conditions. They will maintain their colour from the beginning to the end of the year. The change in seasons won’t have any effect on their appearance at all.

3. It’s Friendly to the Environment

Because artificial grass doesn’t need maintenance using electric or gas-powered equipment, it’s friendlier to the environment than natural grass. They can be cleaned simply by using a broom to clear away soil or any debris from the surface. This leaves it looking clean and great in a short period of time. Artificial turf can also be recycled, ensuring that they are not disposed of, thereby polluting the environment. The recycled ones are even cheaper.

Unlike natural grass, this type of grass requires no use of chemicals such as pesticides to protect them. These chemicals can be dangerous if applied to areas where children and pets play. They may also get into runoff water systems.

4. Save Money

For monthly maintenance of natural grass, expenses include sod, fertilizers, mowing and a lot of water. Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires none of these. This money can be used elsewhere in the monthly budget.

5. They’re Cheap to Replace

When the time of replacing the artificial grass comes, it’s not as expensive and as difficult as doing a landscape replacement with sod or grass seeds. If the artificial turf being replaced is not too damaged, it can be used for other purposes in the garden after being recycled. This makes it more cost-effective for use and when being replaced.

Artificial grass is, therefore, better than natural grass in terms of cost, comfortability, maintenance and efficiency. They are also versatile as they can be used on the floors, walls and other areas. So, for the peace of mind robbed away from you by the natural grass, it’s high time you considered getting the experts here at Artificial Grass Northampton to install your quality and new artificial turf today!


artificial grass

30 Jun 2018
Artificial grass

Common Artificial Lawn Installation Mistakes

Many people don’t really understand or know how much is required when installing artificial grass. This is the reason why it’s almost always a good idea to involve a professional if you’re unsure of even the simplest thing. Unfortunately, for many people ignore the wise counsel and end up with the same old problems associated with lack of sufficient knowledge to install a fake grass. However, with professionals, you won’t have to worry about a thing as they have a lot of experience and expertise. This will save you from unnecessary expenditures related to your synthetic lawn. The following are the most common and quite costly installation mistake that you’re likely to make with your artificial grass.READ MORE

30 May 2018
Roll of artificial grass

Artificial Grass: How Is It Made?

Artificial grass is made from different synthetic materials: polyethene, polypropylene, and nylon. These materials are used to imitate the blades of real grass. Some types of artificial grass are manufactured with silica sand and rubber granules to enhance the bouncy texture of the turf. The artificial turf is the fibre or the “blades” that make up the artificial grass.READ MORE

30 Mar 2018
A roll of artificial grass

How to Choose Synthetic Grass: Your Guide to Buying Artificial Grass

If you’re looking to buy synthetic grass (also known as artificial grass) then you should know that there’s more to just picking out a colour and a length nowadays. A few decades ago even it might have been that simple, but with the advancement of technology, we are not able to offer a much larger variety of styles to suit every need and every outdoor space.


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