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All the various types available

Here at Oakview Artificial Grass, we stock a huge variety of artificial grass, whatever your needs are we will have the perfect grass for you. We work in tandem with a company call Easi-Grass who provide the highest quality Artificial grass all around the country. 

Whether you are after a safe area for your kids to play, a beautiful, perfect looking lawn to relax in all summer or even a sneaky golf green at the back of your garden, we have you covered and our professional, friendly staff will have your old garden looking fresh and new in no time at all.

Oakview Artificial Grass is proud to be working in partnership with ‘easigrass’. We are the only supplier of easigrass within the Northamptonshire area and we will make sure you only get the highest quality fake grass.

All our artificial grass requires very little maintenance throughout the year, you will only need to brush it should you have a lot of traffic on your grass and it flattens slightly and clean up any mess from pets. Other than that you will need to have it professionally cleaned, swept & brushed once a year to keep your garden looking immaculate.

Let's go through all the different types of artificial grass we supply, they all have their purpose and suit certain situations, we have Award winning grass all the way to more cheap grass depending on your budget.



Easi – K9

Introducing the Easi-K9, perfect for any pet owners to spend more time enjoying their garden instead of artificial grass maintenance!

easi-k9 artificial grass

Easi – Belgravia

Now, this is our newest and quite possibly our most popular grass in our range. The Easi-Belgravia is quite simply a work of art, if you are after the highest quality and most pristine looking fake grass then this is the grass for you.

Easi – Hyde Park

If you are interested in installing artificial grass but still want to keep that neat & tidy organised look in your garden then our ‘Easi-Hyde Park’ range is exactly what you want. The Hyde Park range provides you with artificial grass that looks like it was carefully mowed just like a traditional lawn.

Easi – Mayfair

This is one of our elite award-winning products. After years of research and development, Easi-Mayfair is one of the highest quality artificial grasses on the market today, it has achieved the highest British standards. This is the ideal grass to lay in your front garden to show everyone just how lovely your lawn looks.

Easi – Kensington

If you have children or pets, or even just like to entertain your friends and your garden is one of your main focal points of your house then we have the perfect artificial grass for you. Our Easi-Kensington grass has been created just for people like you who have high footfall in their garden. With the use of new technology, this grass manages to stay upright for a great deal longer than every other type of artificial grass.

Easi – Holland

Our Easi-Holland grass is our most durable and strongest of the lot. This is the grass you want to buy if you are looking to cover areas with substantially high traffic. Now we are not just talking about your local garden party, more like commercial areas such as nurseries, schools, colleges etc.

Easi – Knightsbridge

This is what you might call our trademark product. Easi-Knightsbridge has featured in the range for over 8 years now, this isn’t by luck, this is due to the fact that this is the most tried and tested of all the different types of artificial grass available. This product can be used anywhere, in your front or rear garden, on balconies or even inside. You will not go wrong if you decide to choose Easi-Knightsbridge.

Easi – Chelsea

This is one of our Gold medal award-winning products. If you are looking for a grass that is durable enough for your garden but yet soft enough to give you that sense of relaxation then Easi-Chelsea is the grass for you. 

Easi – Wentworth

As you might have guessed, this is our bespoke, custom grass range designed to emulate a professional putting green. The easi-Wentworth is the perfect grass for you if you want to transform some of your garden into a practice putting green to improve your short game.

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