Artificial Grass sometimes is known as ‘fake grass’ is usually associated with the outdoors, but recently it has been taking a stand with more and more people coming up with creative ways to involve it with their everyday. Artificial grass is normally used for gardens, patios, balconies and poolside’s. There are many benefits to installing artificial grass; its environmentally friendly, no more weeds, no maintenance, green grass for 365 days a year, pet-friendly, children friendly, perfect drainage solution, no more muddy feet and it’s usable all year round.

With the use of artificial grass on the rise, people are becoming more and more creative in the ways in which they use it. We have scoured the internet to find the most interesting, creative and wacky ways in which the world has decided to use ‘fake grass’.

Wall Art

Yes, that’s right. People are framing and hanging artificial grass on their walls, adding something different to their homes and summerhouses. Creating a unique and modern feature wall. Some people have even gone as far as covering all walls in artificial grass in children’s bedrooms and playrooms. This is because it’s easy to maintain and clean.


Welcome friends and family into your home with an artificial grass doormat. The artificial grass doormats are extremely practical, they’re easy to clean and maintain, as well as being very cost-effective.

Sofa Cushions

Artificial grass cushions are a great way to lighten up any outdoor seating area, you could get creative adding them to any boring piece of furniture, making them your own, you’ll be the only one with something so amazing.



Table Mats and Runners

Using artificial grass as a table topper is a great idea, this is because artificial grass is very absorbent and easy to clean. If someone was to spill a drink then there would be no mess and easy to take away, wash and replace. These table mats are popping up all around the UK in small independent cafes.

Cats Scratch Pole

The ultimate scratch pole for your fluffy friends. Hours of scratching fun both inside and outside the house, the perfect portable scratching pole. If they make a mess, no worries the artificial grass scratch pole is easy to clean and dries within hours so don’t worry about your cats missing out.


Artificial grass benches are soft, comfortable and require very little maintenance, what more could you want! No need to worry about matching your aesthetics would be suitable for any garden space.  




Rugs can get very pricey and need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking as good as new, well not now. With an artificial grass rug, you don’t need to worry about spillages, muddy dogs and dirty shoes. Artificial grass is easily washed, place outside and spray down with the hose, leave to dry and it looks brand new.


This new car style will turn some heads! Grab some superglue and get sticking! Make sure its stuck down properly, we don’t want any accidents happening. These cars are more popular than you think, companies are using it to advertise their business’, it’s a great way to draw attention and intrigue the people around you.