Though it isn’t as demanding as the natural grass in terms of care, artificial grass needs some amount of care too. There’s a need to ensure that they’re their best at all times and are able to serve their purpose as fully as it can be. Therefore, if they’re to stay with their beautiful and natural look, there are certain activities that will need to be carried out on them on a regular basis. One activity that will need to be carried often is the removal of organic debris. This debris can be seeds or leaves. Carry out the following on your artificial grass to make them stay in a top condition always:

1. Brush Your Artificial Turf Regularly
Based on the amount of traffic that your artificial grass gets, it’s recommended that regular brushing of the grass is necessary. This is done to keep in the best possible condition at all times. The practice of brushing it ensures that the fibres of the grass stay longer in the upright condition. When this is carried out, the natural look of the grass will hugely be enhanced. So, if you have artificial grass, it’s best you find a way to ensure you brush it on a regular basis.
2. Get Rid of Leaves and other Debris Often
Removing leaves and getting rid of debris from your artificial turf is a task that needs not to be done within specific timelines. This is because you don’t know when the leaves and other debris will fall on your turf. To do the job of cleaning debris and leaves from your artificial lawn, you can use a normal standard leaf blower. This kind of proactive maintenance activity should be done at a frequency that will be dependent on how you use your lawn and the surrounding environment. If you live in a place where leaf falls are common, you may need to do the cleaning more frequently than a person living in an environment where leaf fall is rare.
3. What to do after Heavy Items have been placed on the Turf
At times, you may want to place a heavy item on your grass. The heavy items may be a flower pot or a swimming pool. These items will cause the flattening of the fibres of the artificial grass. Once you’ve removed the specific heavy item from your grass, there’s a need to ensure that the turf is made to return to its original beautiful state. To do this, you’ll need a broom with first bristles and use it to brush back up again the fibres. Brushing should always be done against the direction of the natural pile.
4. Caring for the Grass During Winter
The winter weather has no negative effect on the artificial lawn. Frost doesn’t damage the lawn nor does it break at entry. But if an icy layer is formed due to stamping of snow into the turf, manually removing it isn’t recommended as it can damage the lawn. The icy layer is hence supposed to be left to naturally melt.
5. Dealing with Hot Items and Fire
The artificial turf should always be protected from hot items like cigarettes and BBQ ashes because these have the potential of causing it to melt. If this happens, it will be left with visible mark even after repair.
6. Controlling Weeds
The easiest ways to deal with weeds in the artificial grass is to remove them by raking, brushing or picking. However, the weeds need to be removed early enough to prevent them from developing roots, especially at the lawn edges.